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Can this pic be maniped to look like Wanda and Bucky?…
Yeah... This is a fair question. Where do i start with this journal? It just seems the same thing that's asking my OFC Lacey Stark to herself, but i have few more clear ideas then her, i think.

I just wanna start to greeting and welcoming everyone who will read this journal and i do hope that i'll do right focus on it, so you'll find, maybe, a little intrigued and decide to give it glance.

So, here we go!

I, basically, was wondering and wondering what coiuld i do with this new work, how could i give it a little more visibility, apart from publishing in the related groups, and to make  people appasionate about it and valute concretely my work, telling to me their opinions, bad o good really... Having some kind of feedback.

Then, looking on internet for some kind of suggestion, i suddenly realized. If i'd start writing a journal where i'd describe the highlights of the creative process of this story and  behind the scenes?

Just to make the people  learn something about it, understand how much i care and why and maybe make them care about it too.

I'm aware that's not very easy to achieve it, especially with an original character, it can be tricky or you can easily fall from grace, but i know now that if i found the right formula to make her come alive from my keyboard, will be as well more meaningful for you to read.

Before starting with this project, actually, i just didn't know how to writing somethng that would be fulfilling and that i could see  let's say, the pattern draw in my mind. A story that i could feel and wouldn't come to nothing.


So, it appeared, at last. A story with an OFC that lost her memory. And would be the daughter of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, one of my fave Marvel characters, and, possibly, have some kind of bond with Steve Rogers, my eternal love, i have to admit.

I thought that it would be a very interesting path to follow because, at the moment Lacey, that's her name, would know more of herself and recollect pieces of her identity, in the same time the reader would do it.

The strongest point to me is that there isn't a really a "supposed identity" , like in other examples of memory loss, where the reader already knows what the character is and... you know, like in clichèd soap operas where the character doeesn't remember the love of his/her life... That's not my genre.

In this story is how Lacey is introduced, so if you wanna know something more about her, you have to follow her in this rather bumped personal journey.

And that's were you have to reveal me your impressions, your opion. I know, i know that it takes time and that it's precious, so thank you so much in advance if you will decide to read it or even tell me what you think. I value so much your potential comments and i will reply to everybody.


Second main point of this introduction is the role i choose for Tony. A father. You all know his nature, and gooddamn, he is always interesting.
I loved his growing through the movies, his internal strugglings, because even he has them, and so i dared and decided to do this thing. In my way.
Trying even to be different from every other example already existing, i have to say, and imagining how he would cope with this experience the most accurately as possible. While having fun.


The story takes place after Iron Man 3, during Tony's retirement period from being Iron Man, and so before Captain America:The Winter Soldier and its subsequent events.
I thought  this choice would give me the right time frame to outiline it all.

You can find the first chapter here -- > Where Do I Start?  [Stark!OFC x Steve] - Chapter 1

So... i think that's all for the moment. I'm working on the second chapter, it's almost ready, and it will be followed by another "close-up" in the next days.

(Side Note: I'm italian :P)
Looking for WinterWitch shippers to help me with some requests and thinking about starting a group about them
if you want to work a big jla or an x-men art piece with me
i am looking for some artist  to do help my first project of this year . i am looking an artist you can draw super heroes and one can draw background i will help draw and color the project . the deadline sunday at 3 pm ct just show me some of your work 200 points for each superhero you draw if i chose you to help me  and if you help with the coloring 150 points

I'm the new guy Dominic, I was trying to submit my Spider-man but it won't allow it. Says the "target file is too big" but I saved it for web purposes so it should only be like 1MB. I think the folder is full.

Dominic (Steelbred)

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